Inherited Retinal Dystrophy Projects

“Iran RP Society“, a well-known Iranian NGO, has registered most of Iranian patients with Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP) or other inherited retinal dystrophies over the last two decades. Dr Ghaffari started collaborative  projects with “Iran RP […]

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Collaborative Centers

Hope Generation Foundation Gene Clinic Vali E-Asr Rehabilitation Foundation Avicenna Research Institute Genetics Office, Ministry of Health and Medical Education National Reference Lab, Ministry of Health and Medical Education Iranian Hemophilia Society Iran RP Society Iranian […]


Submission of Novel Mutations in GeneBank Database

Homo sapiens isolate 1514CT NDUFS1 gene, complete cds AUTHORS: Ghaffari,S.R., Rafati,M., Hoseini,A., Torab,E., Hoseininasab,F.,Keyvani,F., Darzi Ramandi,S. and Barati,Z. TITLE: Whole exome sequencing revealed a novel mutation in NDUFS1 gene in an Iranian patient with psychomotor retardation which […]