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Master Projects

RP Hope Project Developmental Delay CP Neonatal Screening for inherited metabolic disorders Inherited Metabolic Disorders First Trimester Screening of aneuploidies Application of Next Generation Sequencing in Routine Clinical Practice Genetic counseling Network Glanzman Recurrent Abortion […]

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2017-Present: “Genetic Profiling of Common Hereditary Disorders to Identify the Distribution of Mutations in Iran Provinces: Hope Project”

Principal Investigator: SR Ghaffari Principal associate Investigator: M Rafati The first phase of this project which attracted >700,000$ has focused on genetic profiling of 1000 patients (in the first phase) with inborn errors of metabolism, neurogenetic disorders or inherited retinal dystrophies by targeted capture sequencing […]

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2007-2011: Determining the Distribution of Different Modes of Inheritance among Iranian Patients with Retinitis Pigmentosa by Pedigree Analysis of ~14000 Iranian RP patients from >4000 Families registered in Iran RP Society

Principal Investigator: SR Ghaffari Principal associate Investigator: M Rafati Other Investigators: N Novin, S Khorrami, Following starting collaboration with Iran RP Society, the database of RP patients was redesigned to add new data about genetic aspects of […]