2007-2011: Determining the Distribution of Different Modes of Inheritance among Iranian Patients with Retinitis Pigmentosa by Pedigree Analysis of ~14000 Iranian RP patients from >4000 Families registered in Iran RP Society

Principal Investigator: SR Ghaffari

Principal associate Investigator: M Rafati

Other Investigators: N Novin, S Khorrami,

Following starting collaboration with Iran RP Society, the database of RP patients was redesigned to add new data about genetic aspects of RP including mode of inheritance, ethnicity, genetic findings and etc. The documents of >14000 patients were then reinvestigated and duplicated families were removed. In the next step, the pedigrees of all families were drawn, analyzed, classified and scored based on the different modes of inheritance. Through this project,  the distribution of RP in Iran provinces was determined and showed that autosomal recessive RP is the most common form of RP in Iran which can be explained by the high prevalence of consanguineous marriages in our population.

Based on pedigree analyses, the families with autosomal recessive, autosomal dominant or X-linked inheritance were then recalled to participate in the projects mentioned in the following.

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