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Results of an analysis of nasal and throat swabs from 17 patients in Zhuhai, China, who had received a diagnosis of #COVID19. Higher viral loads soon after symptom onset indicate need for isolation strategies different from those used for the earlier SARS epidemic. #SARSCoV2

The @NIHDirector's blog post today talks about cancer genomes and highlights the Pan-Cancer Project's efforts to complete sets of DNA for 38 different types of cancer. This includes research from the NHGRI-funded program The Cancer Genome Atlas!

#NatGenNV A small molecule kicks repeat expansion into reverse (Flower & Tabrizi)

A strange and tiny animal called Hydractinia forms germ cells continuously in adult life – producing unlimited eggs and sperm. Humans don't do that. Learn about what this ancient creature can teach us about human reproduction.

Review @nature The promise and challenge of therapeutic genome editing @doudna_lab

Huge bacteria-eating viruses close gap between life and non-life

@NatureNews @lawrencefelic @guardian @drdavidmichaels @OxUniPress Adding @harari_yuval's memorable quote and this essay from @TikkiPang on debunking fact-free science BS:
"We humans know more truths than any species on earth. Yet we also believe the most falsehoods.”
@NatureMedicine @NUSingapore


Pan-genomics in the human genome era #Review by @rshermanjhu &
@StevenSalzberg1 #SharedIt

And... here it is! Our contribution to the #Pancancer initiative. Congratulations to everybody. @sangerinstitute @UniversidadeUSC ⁦@cimususc⁩
Pan-cancer analysis of whole genomes identifies driver rearrangements promoted by LINE-1 | Nature Genetics

Today @NIHDirector wrote in his blog about the largest genetic study of autism ever completed, with research proudly funded by @genome_gov!

Low-intensity exercise triggers brain networks associated with cognitive control and attention processing, while high-intensity exercise activates networks involved in emotional processing.

Preimplantation High Resolution HLA Sequencing Using Next Generation Sequencing #NGS #HLA #HLAsequencing via @ncbi_pubmed

Just published: Two new studies on the novel coronavirus. All Lancet #coronavirus content is fully and freely available at our 2019-nCoV Resource Centre

Most patients were middle-aged (average age 55.5 y) and male (67 pts). Around half had a history of exposure to the Huanan seafood market (49 pts)—46 of whom worked at the market as managers or salespeople

Early Transmission Dynamics in Wuhan, China, of Novel Coronavirus–Infected Pneumonia | NEJM

Female FMR1 premutation carriers can experience health issues beyond the previously well-established premutation-associated disorders #FragileX #WomensHealth

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