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Implications of #genetictesting for suicide risk #SuicidePrevention #mentalillness #ethics #Genetics

Gene editing of sperm and eggs: Does it make a legal or ethical difference?

Understanding how the cell defends itself is particularly important for viruses that have the potential to affect global health, such as #Ebola and #SARSCoV2. New research takes a closer look at inhibiting the entry of these viruses. #SciMagPerspective

Should you recommend direct-to-consumer genetic testing for this patient? A grand rounds discussion. Via @AnnalsofIM


Manufacturing biologic drugs has traditionally been like brewing beer, with everything based around big fixed steel fermenters. But a new system overturns this dogma, and introduces flexibility while reducing factory footprint and costs. #AdFeature with @Evotec

PCR swabs can miss up to 50% of #COVID19 cases, as the virus may have cleared the upper respiratory tract. But by then, patients may have developed antibodies. An approach that combines rapid PCR and POC antibody testing could help speed diagnosis

Spinal stem cells in mice can be reprogrammed to generate protective oligodendrocytes after spinal cord injury, enhancing neural repair, according to a new Science study. ($)

Copy-number variant analysis should be performed when standard #genetictesting does not reveal a genetic diagnosis in cases of inherited heart disease and sudden death #HeartHealth #heartdisease

Exome sequencing identified a molecular diagnosis that impacted clinical care in almost 40% of patients in a renal genetics clinic #KidneyDisease #Genetics #Genomics

On the diagnostic odyssey of children with rare genetic disorders. Via @GIMJournal


How does getting a VUS test result impact the patient? #Genetics #Genomics

Defining "known pathogenic" variants in a list of actionable genes isn't necessarily easy

A new, useful paper on interpretation of #SARSCoV2 tests by @WilenLab @YaleIBIO @Yale_LabMed and Edward Stites @salkinstitute @CellPressNews @MedCellPress


Correspondence: A SARS-CoV-2 mRNA Vaccine — Preliminary Report #COVID19 #SARSCoV2

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