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A simple illustration on a complicated topic: the conservation of aging between two mammals, each with their own distinct life-history traits... We tried our best #whatdatasays

The results of Nature's fifth survey of PhD students tell a story of personal reward and resilience against a backdrop of stress, uncertainty and struggles with depression and anxiety.

Many readers have pointed out our error in putting a left-handed double helix on the November cover. We apologize for this embarrassing oversight & are working to replace the cover ASAP. On a positive note, we’ve wondered how many people actually look at the cover; now we know!

I give you The American Journal of Human Genetics, flagship journal of the primary professional organization for human genetics specialists worldwide. No-one knows DNA like they do. In which case, this new twist on front cover design is an especially brave choice.

Disregarding variants of uncertain significance during preconception genetic screening may miss at-risk couples

One country’s experience with implementing #newbornscreening for spinal muscular atrophy

Featured in the October issue of Genetics in Medicine
➖#Prenatal exome sequencing yields clinical impact, aids parental decision-making
➖ Researchers suggest how to facilitate #pharmacogenetic testing in the clinic

Online @nature Pan-cancer whole-genome analyses of metastatic solid tumours

Prime editing, a new #CRISPR #genomeediting tool created by @davidrliu/@liugroup, directly edits human cells in a precise, efficient, and highly versatile fashion. The tool has the potential to correct up to 89% of #genetic defects.


Introducing the Polygenic Score (PGS) Catalog ( - a new sister resource to the @GWASCatalog aiming to increase accessibility and improve PGS reproducibility by cataloging & distributing the information necessary to evaluate and apply published PGS. #ASHG19

Read about the multipurpose advantage of biodiversity tools in our annual report: #Genomics #LivingInnovation

A paper on clinical value of whole genome sequencing of triple negative breast cancer

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