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Missed this week's webinar on #visualising your data with @ensembl's genome browser? Watch the recording and download a copy of the slides in Train Online


The development of #COVID19 neutralizing antibodies is a promising path for treatment and prophylaxis. Here's a new review of the nAbs:
@TrendsImmuno from @CellPressNews


Speed Science via @Reuters

History will be very kind to Bill Gates.

We would like to announce a new landing page as well as the first release of coronavirus annotations data for the SARS-CoV-2 genome browser. New data includes gene annotations, variant data, and multiple genome alignments.

See our news for more:

#NatGenNV Springing an evolutionary trap on cancer (Charles Lin) News&Views on:

The COVID-19 Host Genetics Initiative brings together the human genetics community to generate, share, and analyze data to learn the genetic determinants of #COVID19 susceptibility, severity, and outcomes. Visit the project website for more information:

Pleased to share the logo and website ( of our #COVIDHumanGeneticEffort to discover monogenic inborn errors of immunity to SARS-CoV2 in previously healthy patients < 50 years admitted to an ICU. Please RT.

One of the most frequently cited models #COVID19- outcomes, updated, now published @TheLancetInfDis @imperialcollege @neil_ferguson @MRC_Outbreak @The_MRC @Imperial_JIDEA
Case fatality ratio 1.38%
Infection fatality ratio 0.66%
Very strong age gradient


National coronavirus response: A road map to reopening via @AEI

Correspondence: Epidemiology of Covid-19. #COVID19 #SARSCoV2

The #COVID19 pandemic has stressed health care systems worldwide, requiring rationing of medical equipment and care. The authors discuss the ethical values relevant to health care rationing and provide six recommendations to guide fair allocation of scarce medical resources.

We desperately need better #COVID19 testing—rapid, point-of-care—and not just for diagnosis of infection but also serology for response. Fortunately, there are many efforts underway and here's the summary @NatureBiotech today
by @Cormac_Sheridan

Decoding #Covid19 immune response can inform detection methods and vaccine discovery. Giving this data to the community allows us to work together to solve this global public health crisis and @Illumina is proud to be part of this collaboration.

"The Anti-#COVID19 Pandemic Pipeline"
Everything (or at least close) that's known about the drugs and vaccines in the hopper, great curation ★ @NatureBiotech
by @JohnNHodgson 🙏 Andy Marshall and team

We can start with getting every #healthcare worker tested now. And again if negative. And again.
And demand the right protective gear for all now.
There is simply no excuse.

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