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As genome sequencing enters the clinic, there is an urgent need to understand psychological effects of test result disclosure. This @GIMJournal study shows no clinically significant psychological harms from return of results across settings in @hail_CSER.


Race is an underreported demographic variable compared to age and gender in sequencing studies of #cancer #openaccess

"The Precision Portrait seeks to remind current and future physicians that our patients are more than collections of data to be input into the next machine-learning algorithm." #openaccess by Samuel Rodriquez and Nick Love @StanfordMed @AmerMedicalAssn #A!

Technology will improve doctors' relationship with patients, says @EricTopol review

10 ethical principles for scientific research:

- duty to society
- beneficence
- conflict of interest
- informed consent
- integrity
- nondiscrimination
- nonexploitation
- privacy and confidentiality
- professional competence
- professional discipline

Carrier screening for recessive disorders

More steps taken per day are associated with lower mortality rates until approximately 7500 steps/d.

With growing demand for genetic testing services, genomic education efforts for medical professionals expand #genetics #genomics #SharedIt

Three percent of endometrial cancers are associated with Lynch syndrome, supporting universal Lynch syndrome screening in affected women #openaccess

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