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Not every day you see: "would revolutionize the field of molecular diagnostics and many relevant fields of biological science and engineering" and "achieved billion-fold enrichment of both nucleic acts and proteins in 30 mins" @PNASNews by @MITEECS


Genomics and precision health approaches to #obesity: Check out #PHGKB for the latest information and publications.

"Rapid advances in [clinical] genetic testing are whipsawing families’ diagnoses and treatment"

"Researchers recommended parents review gene tests performed on children with epilepsy at least every two years to keep up with changes"

Episode 3 is up! This week I sit down with @EricTopol and we covered it all. I really enjoyed this one. Hope you do too -

An extension of confirmation bias: stop gathering evidence when the data goes counter.
"how the motivation to hold a certain belief decreases the need
for supporting evidence"
very interesting study by @FilipGesiarz @affectivebrain @ucl @PLOSCompBiol

Finally published the 1st smartphone ultrasound pan-body medical selfie 😉 in this reflection of the 1st decade of digital medicine (which really started w/ smartphones)


A window into organizational, social, and cultural implications of #genomic medicine with clinical principles involving patients

Study reveals elevated cancer risk in children with birth defects

As genome sequencing enters the clinic, there is an urgent need to understand psychological effects of test result disclosure. This @GIMJournal study shows no clinically significant psychological harms from return of results across settings in @hail_CSER.


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