Inherited Retinal Dystrophy Projects: List of Projects

Iran RP Society“, a well-known Iranian NGO, has registered most of Iranian patients with Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP) or other inherited retinal dystrophies over the last two decades. Dr Ghaffari started collaborative  projects with “Iran RP Society” since 2003.  Since the beginning, Dr Ghaffari designed and managed    research projects, and genetic services (genetic counseling and diagnostic genetic tests) in the RP center. He have also served educational services for the patients including regular monthly seminars, discussing mode of inheritance of RP, how to prevent the recurrence of disease in the family, available genetic tests, prenatal diagnosis, preimplantation genetic diagnosis and etc.

As no large scale study had been carried out in Iranian RP patients, the Dr Ghaffari, designed and directed several projects through which, the epidemiologic data of registered families were collected and genetic investigations using appropriate techniques available at the time of study were performed.

Some of the main projects are summarized below:




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