Gene Clinic: Comprehensive Genetic Center

Gene Clinic was founded in 2002 by Dr Ghaffari. He acted as the technical director of the gene lab since the beginning. In August 2018, the gene Clinic was transferred to a new owner. However, Dr Ghaffari was the technical director until November 2018. This clinic has been providing clinical genetic services including cytogenetic, molecular genetic, as well as genetic counseling services to affected individuals and their families.

Gene clinic is pioneer especially in preventive approach to genetic disorders. First prenatal diagnosis using FISH technique and investigation of  Her2 amplification  in breast cancer tumours in Iran  was first carried out in Gene Clinic. In harmony and collaboration with other centers founded by Dr Ghaffari, Gene Clinic has been active in prenatal diagnosis of chromosomal abnormalities, single gene disorders, rapid aneuploidy detection using QF PCR and MLPA as well as NGS based techniques for the first time in Iran.

Gene Clinic: Genetic Counseling Center

Gene Clinic: Cytogenetic Lab

Gene Clinic: Molecular Cytogenetic Lab

Gene Clinic: Molecular Genetic Lab

Gene Clinic: Biochemical Screening Lab

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