Hope Generation Foundation

The Hope Generation Foundation  designed by Dr Ghaffari, was founded in 2006. At the beginning the main goal was  securing the health of the next generation through the prevention of disabilities using the most advanced technologies. Hope generation Foundation is the pioneer institution in developing and application of first trimester screening of common chromosomal abnormalities, neonatal screening using MS/MS technology, next generation sequencing, preimplanation genetic diagnosis, rapid aneuploidy detection using QF-PCR and MLPA and… all designed and established by Dr Ghaffari. Hope Generation Foundation is also the main collaborator in establishment of PGD-NGS, PGD-HLA, prenatal diagnosis of common and rare genetic disorders with the Gene Clinic and Avicenna Infertility Center. Hope Generation Foundation is a main collaborator, reference and  and the primary institution for Ministry of Health and Medical Education for training of Genetic counselors, hardware and software quality control of maternal biochemical screening, neonatal screening and  genetic testing. Hope generation Foundation is also actively involved in research and development in cutting edge technologies like targeted cancer diagnosis, personalized medicine and next generation sequencing, many  projects which are underway. Such research activities are underway in Hope Generation Fetal Health Research Center directed by Dr Ghaffari.  

Hope Generation Foundation Divisions and Sections

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